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im GRADUATED!!!!!!! [28 May 2004|10:53pm]
I'm a high school graduate :D

It's kind of sad in a way, I can't believe High School is really over. But I'm so glad! I hated school lately, and now i don't have to deal with anymore High School bullshit! Yay! My mom was like crying all night 'oh i can't believe your graduating' you'd swear I was dieing or something!

I'm getting ready to go out, I told Corey I'd go to this party with him, so it should be fun. I just came home from my friends house and decided to write on here! Oh and if you could't tell my journal (the1ulove2hate) looks way different now thanks to _shockmesane_! It looks great so thank you so much! I want my link color darker though and my font color darker, so ifyou want to help me out with that! Please? I'm sucha pain in the ass i know...

Well I gotta get going! Bye :D Who all is on summer break now!?
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Friends Only [06 Nov 2003|10:28pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Friends Only
Add me and I'll add you back.

xoxo Kristen

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